Apartment Floor Plan
Buyers Love Floor Plans

Draw Them Dreams

Provide potential homebuyers with visual examples of the home that motivate them to look at the property in person. A floor plan complements your marketing materials by helping a buyer visualize the home with greater detail. Floor plans for real estate inspire buyer creativity and make the home shopping process more personal.

  • Visualize Home

    MLS-Floor Plans are a powerful tool for your real estate marketing helping buyers visualize the entire layout and flow in a glance.

  • With More Details

    MLS-Floor Plans shows the relationship between rooms and spaces and the overall layout of the property listed.


To Share Greater Detail

Share the details of the property and start a little romance by imagining future possibilities. Help buyers visualize the layout of the home with a real estate floor plan. Illustrating the layout introduces detail that creates a deeper a vison creating a connection to the home.

Instead of passively watching a slide show, buyers plan how they would live in the home with the MLS Floor Plan designed for real estate.

Comprehensive Services

Designed for real estate professionals, Realtors, property managers builders, commercial enterprises, home-owners, Air B&Bs, designers, and architects. Our services launch your marketing fast.

Saving You Time

No more need to painstakingly measure every room. Our scan includes room measurements accurate within 5%!

Impacting Your Branding

We help you maximize the impact of your real estate marketing by providing you an exceptional product hosted on innovative technology.

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Easy Pricing

By Square Footage

Exterior Scans

$25 Add-on

For homes that embrace outdoor living. We can scan the exterior features of the home. Outdoor kitchens, fire pits, multilevel decking, patios and pools. Dimensions are not provided for areas that are not completely walled.

  • measurements of exterior areas
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We Create

Real Estate Floor Plans for The MLS

Delivered via email formatted as JPG image files and PNG or PDF for your printed media. The non-transferable licensing agreement you can use all your marketing.

  • 2 sets of real estate ploor plans with and without visible measurements
  • 2 page Home Report
  • 2 rounds of edits
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Designed for the MLS

& Real Estate Professionals

The MLS compliant floor plan is designed for real estate. They can be syndicated with your images, making them always available. The floor plan together with the photography and description help potential buyers connect to the home and move-in emotionally. A floor plan shows the relationship between rooms and spaces and the overall layout of the property giving them space to think about how their furniture and family fits. People feel like they know the house before walking in the door.

Print & Web Ready

The floor plans can be shared on the main property listing, as well as other real estate websites, social media websites, listing portals, presentations, marketing materials, anywhere you are marketing the home. Put them in slot two of your MLS Media and they be displayed right next to the Main Property photo.

Increase Engagement

Industry research shows that adding a MLS real estate floor plan to a property for sale can increase click-throughs and inquiries from buyers by more than 50%.

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Compelling Marketing Tool

Attract more interest with meaningful and informative details today's buyers want! Floor plans for real estate make the home shopping process more personal; increasing a buyers attachment with your home for sale.

Powerful Buyer's Tool

After they’ve seen the property in person, buyers use the plans to envision where to place furniture, make decorating decisions, share their ideas with their family, and to compare homes.

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Getting Ready - Draw The Dream

No need to clean

Move boxes or furniture blocking visibility to appliances or room features, clearing a path to freely navigate the house. Move large and bulky items into the center of the room clearing a path to navigate from room to room. We scan the area where the wall meets the floor and especially corners. No need to move large furniture like beds and dressers. If you would like to have the garage scanned, clear a path around the premier so we can walk around.

People and pets can remain in the house, we’ll just have them scoot out of the way as we move through the home.

On our arrival we’ll prepare the house for scanning. We turn on all lights and open all the doors leading to areas and closets that are being scanned. This methodical walkthrough is very important and helps us make sure we don’t miss anything. It takes about 7 minutes to scan a 2,000 Sq. Ft. home. However, expect us to be there for 30 minutes, as we review the scan before we leave to make sure we’ve haven’t missed anything.

Scanning Preparations
Download Instructions
Move large items blocking navigation Ditto for the garage and exterior areas.
You & your pets can stay Just scoot out of the way.

No need to be at the scan

If no one will be present we have Affiliate SUPRA Membership – we will need the 7-digit CBS code to open the SUPRA or a combo code.

We capture the geometry of the property by scanning each room with a special app on our phone. If an exterior area is scanned, it will be included in the floor plan but will not include dimensions. Areas, such as attic storage, with low-light cannot be scanned. If it is dark outside, scanning the exterior is not possible, so day-time scheduling is important.

Dimensions are accurate to about 5%

The resulting floor plans are delivered with and without room dimensions. Dimensions are accurate to about 5%, and follow IPMS Residential standards. Total area (square footage) is not included on the floor plans. Turnaround time is 1 business day, but larger home or homes with areas of blocked access can take longer. You have two rounds of edits, as some-times the rooms aren’t named exactly as you need them for your listing.

You’ll receive at least 2 files.

2 sets of floor plans and a home report

Without Dimensions

Floor plan without dimensions in a JPG format. This file is great to use as photo in the MLS, we recommend photo slot number 2.

With Dimensions

Floor plan with dimensions in a JPG format. This file is great to provide in the documents area of your listing, buyers agents can use them as follow up.

Home Report

The home report provides significant detail about the home fixtures such as number and types of rooms and the number of doors and windows, nearby services. This file is great to provide in the documents area of your listing, buyers agents use them as follow up.


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